About Us

Prime Pacific Group provides innovative consultancy services and technology solutions in the unique areas of expertise including:
•       High-End Digital Photogrammetry 
•       3D Digital Geospatial Data Acquisition 
•       Business Intelligence Applications
•       Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
We specialise in the integration of advanced geospatial and ICT solutions, geospatial data fusion services, provision of real-time airborne surveillance, intelligence systems and pre-sales management and consultancy for high-end aerial sensors.
We are committed to providing the best solutions and consultancy services to professionals serving governments, commercial, defense and homeland security customers in the Asia Pacific region. We want our customers to be able to accurately capture, visualise, analyse and present the geospatial information they require.
Prime Pacific Consulting (Company Reg. No. 201302919H)  handles all sales and services related to the Silent Falcon UAS and GIS softwares system applications and integration.
Prime Pacific Unitech RS (Company Reg. No. 201326489G), a business unit under Prime Pacific Group, takes care of all sales and services regarding digital photogrammetry and 3D data acquisition.
Our Approach to Your Needs