Geospatial Data and Software

At Prime Pacific, we also work closely with our international technology partners to provide geospatial data and integration of services for urban mapping projects.

We work closely with Intermap, which provides the NEXTMAP World 10 and World 30 platforms that offer high value, economical and comprehensive digital surface models (DSM) for the entire U.S., China, India, Russia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region, and the polar ice caps.

Some of the Key features and benefits of Intermap’s NEXTMAP World 10 and World 30 includes:

Prime accuracy. For planning done right the first time, a combination of the world's most advanced technologies provides detailed elevations across the globe.
Total coverage. With 100% comprehensive inclusion of the Earth’s entire 150 million square kilometers, you  have one source for all your global data needs.
Extensive flexibility. Perfect for a diverse range of applications across many industries including, but not limited to:  

·        Agriculture

·        Telecommunication

·        Energy

·        Risk planning

·        Water management

·        Defense

·        Military

·        Government services

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