Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)


At Prime Pacific, we carry a range of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or "drones", to cater to our clients' varying needs. Our UAS are classified into the following categories and specifications:

Specifications/Type Long Range Mid Range Light Weight
Endurance 12+ hours 2-3 hours >1 hour
Payload ~2 kilograms ~1 kilogram 1 - 1.5 kilograms
Wingspan Max 5 meters ~2 meters 0.9 - 2 meters
Cruise Speed 30 - 112 km/h ~90 km/h 50 - 80 km/h
Launching System Catapult Catapult Hand-launch/bungy cord
Recovery System Parachute Parachute Soft-landing


Each of the UAS comes in varying endurance levels, depending on the distance, terrain and usage of clients.

Our range of UAS have been deployed across a spectrum of industries which include forestry management, defence intelligence and surveillance.


For more details on our UAS, please download the specification sheet here: