Prime Pacific Conducts Workshop in Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry

20 November 2014 – Prime Pacific conducted their first technical workshop at Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The focus of this workshop was to showcase Prime Pacific’s portfolio of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their newly developed Haze Recovery Software for satellite imagery and aerial photos to members of the Ministry of Forestry in Indonesia.

At the same, Skymap Global, Prime Pacific’s value-added business partner, also took the opportunity to provide an update of their suite of PCI softwares as well as case studies of software applications to forestlands in other parts of the world.




About Skymap Global

Skymap Global develops geospatial based applications for National Security & Intelligence (Land, Naval, Air), Coastal & Inland Waters, Engineering, Financial Services, Environment, Agriculture and Plantation sectors. SkyMap Global solutions include Defense/Police Command Control, Intelligence Analysis, Ship Detection and Classification, Water Quality Monitoring, Bathymetry, Dredging Monitoring, Engineering & Construction Planning, Plantation Planning & Monitoring, Agriculture Zoning and Classification and Catastrophe Analysis & Risk Assessment. SkyMap Global also provides products for country wide aerial and satellite imagery processing, feature extraction (including 3D), analysis and basemap generation for large scale planning and monitoring.

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Group photo with members of the Ministry of Forestry at the Technical Workshop.