Together with Microsoft UltraCam business unit, Prime Pacific UniTech (PUT) have several exciting announcements to share


Together with Microsoft UltraCam business unit, Prime Pacific UniTech (PUT) have several exciting announcements to share including with three new versions of UltraCam third generation systems as well as a new lens system!


UltraCam Eagle Prime (UCEp)
With a newly developed CCD sensor that is based on new 4.6µ technology, the new UltraCam Eagle Prime delivers an increased PAN footprint of 23,010 (across) x 14,790 (along) pixel. Meanwhile, thanks to the latest sensor technology and further improved camera electronics, we are able to maintain the high radiometric dynamic of 7,600 grey values that customers have come to rely upon from the UltraCam while achieving an even faster frame rate, and yet keep the forward motion compensation by TDI. Further improvements to the UltraCam Eagle include an increased storage system, reduced weight, and reduced power consumption. Good news for Eagle customers: upgrading from the Eagle to the Eagle Prime is possible by refurbishment!

o   120mm Lens System

With the introduction of the UltraCam Eagle Prime we will also announce a new f120mm PAN lens system that will be available for both the Eagle and Eagle prime. This new lens closes the gap between f100 and f210 and optimizes usable footprint when building lean is restricted while maintaining an acceptable b/h ratio and a convenient flight altitude. This new lens, when coupled with the image footprint of the new UltraCam Eagle Prime, makes the UltraCam the most efficient camera system when building lean extent is a key consideration.


UltraCam Osprey Prime II (UCOp II)
At 13,470 PAN pixels (across) and an oblique footprint of 80MP per oblique cone, the UltraCam Osprey Prime II delivers even higher nadir and oblique collection efficiencies than its predecessor, the UltraCam Osprey Prime. The system’s nadir PAN channel features an f80mm lens system for photogrammetric grade accuracy and image dynamic, RGB and NIR nadir cones, and f120mm oblique cones to make the Osprey the sensor of choice for the widest range of aerial imaging applications.


UltraCam Osprey lite (UCOp Lite)
The UltraCam Osprey Prime Lite is a new UltraCam sensor that provides customers who are looking to break into the oblique market with a lower cost, entry-level UltraCam system to simultaneously collect nadir and oblique RGB data. The UltraCam Osprey Prime Lite features five 80 MP camera cones, all consisting of RGB Bayer pattern CCDs. A single camera cone is nadir-oriented and the remaining four have the typical oblique configuration: forward, backward, left and right facing. An optional 40 MP nadir-oriented NIR cone can be integrated to support a wider range of aerial imaging applications. All cones are integrated into a photogrammetric grade housing with SSD storage and UltraNav (optional). Image processing of Osprey Prime lite is also embedded into UltraMap for a seamless processing with other UltraCams. That makes the Osprey Prime Lite the ideal camera system when no panchromatic cone for photogrammetric applications is required.


AND … PUT also will announce releasing of UltraMap Version 4.0:

UltraMap version 4.0
UltraMap v4.0 boasts, among other enhancements, a completely new approach to Project Based Color Balancing (PBCB) based on a modified workflow and improved algorithms. These improvements mean overall better results in tonal balancing as well as less manual interaction for faster automated processing of big blocks. Furthermore, the color balancing now includes the automated color balancing of oblique images—a break-through in oblique image processing! UltraMap v4.0 eliminates bottle necks and manual tasks in production, reduces production time and production costs, increases quality, and allows customers to leverage oblique image capture for any application.


These new versions of UltraCam will be available for delivery to customers beginning of Q1 2016.