Silent Falcon UAS makes debut appearance at the 2014 Asia Pacific Security and Defence Expo in Jakarta
19 March 2014 – Silent Falcon Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) made its first public appearance in Southeast Asia at the 2014 Asia Pacific Security and Defence Expo (APSDEX), held in the heart of Jakarta city.
“We are extremely excited to showcase the Silent Falcon UAS to our partners and customers in Asia Pacific (APAC). We believe that there is immense market potential for Silent Falcon to meet the unique needs of the Asian market. Silent Falcon meets the performance criteria of much larger systems at a fraction of the price,” said David Hisdal, President of Commander Navigation, the worldwide distributor for Silent Falcon UAS.
SK Lee, managing director of Prime Pacific Consulting, Silent Falcon UAS’ master distributor in APAC, also shared his excitement. “We are honored to be able to facilitate the introduction of this technology into Southeast Asia. The UAS industry is currently seeing a boom, and the entrance of Silent Falcon into Indonesia is very timely,” remarked Lee.
At the same time, Prime Pacific Consulting has also appointed P.T Sistemindo Teknotama Mandiri (STM), as their authorised distributor for the Indonesian market.
“We believe that our partnerships with Commander Navigation and P.T STM will help Silent Falcon grow from strength to strength in years to come,” said Lee.
Military officials and defence representatives across Asia Pacific attend the annual APSDEX, a high-profile defence exhibition which is held in support of the Jakarta International Defence Dialogue, an international forum for military officials and defence experts to discuss current and evolving trends, as well to enhance government-to-government and military-to-military confidence building in the region.

About Commander Navigation

Commander Navigation Services Inc. is a USA corporation registered in Colorado since 2003.  CNS Inc provides specialty services related to Unmanned Aerial Systems,  geospatial information collection and the use of remote sensing technologies, matching the right product and collection system to the customers need. CNS Inc is the worldwide distributor of Silent Falcon working with Silent Falcon Marketing to provide support services to create unique technology solutions. 

About P.T Sistemindo Teknotama Mandiri (STM)

P.T STM was first established in 1987, focusing on IT systems integrations, solutions and consultancy. Over the years, P.T STM has developed a wide range of IT applications, with a special focus on IT security. Since then, they have worked with several government bodies that deal with mobile and computer forensics. To further expand this capability, P.T STM has also widened their portfolio to include secure surveillance and detection systems, as well as long-range security cameras and thermal imaging systems. For more information, please visit
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Prime Pacific Consulting
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Photos from APSDEX 2014
Silent Falcon booth at the Asia Pacific Security and Defense Expo 2014
General Budiman, Indonesia’s Army Chief of Staff (second from left) interacting with
Christopher Rianto (in black jacket) from PT. Sistemindo and Prime Pacific’s Sf Shen (far right).
David Hisdal (left), president of Commander Navigation, Silent Falcon’s world-wide distributor,
engaging with representatives from the Canadian armed forces.